1 July 2015 deadline for Contractors and ASPs on the Ausgrid network

All contractors and accredited service providers working on or near the Ausgrid network will need to arrange for their own arc-rated clothing for their electrical workers, which meet the standard set by Ausgrid?s Safety Rules. This comes into effect from 1 July.

Ausgrid has stated that one of the major changes in their revised guideline is the recommendation to use arc-rated clothing (with a minimum rating of 4 cal/cm2).

Arc-rated clothing may be in the form of either of the following:

  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Trousers
  • Coveralls/Overalls
Garment design recommendation
  • Shirt Front Opening

It is recommended that shirts used by electrical workers be manufactured with a closed front. Where buttons are used on shirt openings, they should be covered by a placket of the shirt material (known as a fly front design).

  • Sleeve Cuffs
  • Must include a full gusset sleeve cuff.
  • Under Garments

Undergarments should be wool or cotton but not synthetic fibers which could melt/burn and add to injury in the event of an arc flash.

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